Study Tips


  • Early Start

Always start studying early for exam this way you will have time to understand the concepts. This way even if you cannot absorb a topic at first try you will have the option and time to come back at a later stage.


  • Knowing the Concepts 

Know the concepts underlying a topic, not just read a topic and blindly accept what is written. Try to get the answer and understand the fundamentals of the concept.


  • Applying the Concepts

Look around and see where you can see practical application of the concept by thinking logically. This will be helpful in getting to the roots of the concept as well as a providing permanent logical base to understand the concept. 


  • Study Hard

Actuarial exams are not easy and there is no easy way to get through the exams. Hard work is the key to success.


  • Study/Discussion Groups

Study/discussion groups are a great way to motivate oneself to study. Further to that, they also allow for discussions which result in more grasp of the education material as well as knowledge.


  • Being Realistic

Be realistic with respect to your study goals and method. Even if 300 hours of studying is required to pass an exam it cannot be done in one go. Start studying at least 8-10 weeks before the exam for at least 10 hours a week.


  • Sample Exams

Practice with sample exams under exam conditions. Don’t just read them and hope that you would have done the same.  


  • Aim 100%

Target 100% for your exam studies, aim to get a ‘10’. Even if you fall short you will be through the exam. 


  • Exam Day

Get a good night sleep and arrive at the exam center at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam. Bring pens, pencils, two calculators (one as spare), exam ticket, water and any other thing as required.



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