Our Mission

The program is to enhance actuarial education of our students through hands-on learning and professional development opportunities with industry experts. The program strives to create a tradition and appreciation of mentoring within the center that will ultimately prepare our students to become actively engaged professional and industry leaders.


Our Vision

To become a model for integrating and supporting mentoring experiences that enhances actuarial education of our students.


Program Goals

  • Facilitate and support student engagement with a professional mentor as a key component of education through our Center.
  • Contribute to student development through hands-on learning and unique opportunities for professional development.
  • Increase student satisfaction and success in the internship and job search process.
  • Create a sense of community and connection between the Center students, alumni, and corporate partners.
  • Satisfy the desire of alumni, donors, industry associations and the business community to directly engage with and provide value to current students.
  • Provide students with a model that encourages future volunteerism and engagement with the Center.
  • Serve as a model and resource for future mentoring programs across the region that we serve.

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Potential Sponsors

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