Our Client Value Proposition

TAF Consulting offers a clear advantage and enormous value in its service delivery within the regions. In addition to possessing all the positive attributes expected of professional consulting firms such as integrity, professionalism, client focus, responsiveness, TAF Consulting uniquely offers:


Local Knowledge

TAF Consulting boasts of consultants and actuaries with varied international professional credentials combined with real, hands-on, local experience. This allows us to develop products, solutions and strategies that reflect local realities and match local needs while working within the framework of international best practices and standards.


Local Talents

For continuity of service, affinity and long-term commitment to the development of each local market, TAF Consulting strives to maintain a high percentage of actuaries and consultants who are stationed in the markets they serve.


Creative Solutions

To match our local and regional focus, we invest time, resources and expertise to create concepts and solutions that are articulated to address local needs and requirements. 



As a regional firm we are able to offer the flexibility necessary to get projects completed with the requisite results. Our approach and charge structure are adapted to local realities and the stage of market development.


Value for Money

Our focus on the use of qualified local talent and resources means that our clients can expect to receive world class services at a reasonable cost.  Our regional spread and collaboration with external and international resources means that our clients can expect access to expertise and talents not immediately available within the local TAF office. This balance of local and global expertise translates to superior value for our clients. 


Client Empowerment

Our approach is to involve, as much as possible, our clients’ internal resources in our work to maximize knowledge exchange and incrementally empower our clients. We also encourage our clients to second internal candidates to us for training and mentoring.


Capacity Building

A major part of TAF Consulting focus is to operate a center for actuarial training for education and research throughout the region.  This center will help develop local actuaries for the region who will contribute to market development.


Quality Control

The work products of our consultants are subject to peer review by other consultants to ensure that the work meets highest standards and quality that our clients can expect from an international consulting firm. To ensure objectivity of the reviewer consultant, the reviewer must be independent of the project and meet minimum experience and professional credentials.


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